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January 07, 2009


Richard Barone

How beautiful! Congrats to all!

Webhamster Henry

Nice 'n Smoothe, Joe & Connie!


Beautifully done! Connie sounds like an angel!

Terry Starko

Went to the movie just to celebrate. Good to hear you Connie! I loved it. Terry Starko


I love your song very much and it's perfect for me to tell someone that i'll be his forever


How Do I Get This Song, I just love this version

Lee Constable

love the song would really love to get hold of a copy of it... Can any one help me

I just finished watching Last Chance Harvey. I'm confused in that the woman singing "Baby I'm Yours "is obviously black and yet Connie Petruk, who is white, is being credited as the singer. Was it a voice over? If so, was it done? Thanx.

Manrico Troncelliti

This is a wonderful version of this beautiful and under appreciated song written by the late great Van McCoy. It is used in a wonderful scene in the movie, which is a great movie for those of us who qualify for AARP membership.

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Jordans 1

Many movies play in American movie theaters first. right??

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"Last Chance Harvey" it's an amazing movie. Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson had did Great acting. Thanks very much for sharing this beautiful post.

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Ugg Sundance II

I like watch film very much. And is impressed by the performance of Dustin Hoffman in the Rain Man. It's perfect really.


I just watched the film and wanted to know who the singer at the wedding is....I am confused also...Is the on screen woman Connie? Who is the woman on screen, I hope someone can shed light on this?

Sweet Movie

Colonel Hedgehog

The vocal is definitely by Connie Petruk. She and The Losers Lounge recorded the music for "Baby I'm Yours" in New York. That scene in the film was shot in the UK and because it was to expensive to fly the Losers Lounge to the UK for the scene, UK actors were hired to play the band on camera. Sad but true, but that's the movies for ya - a world of illusion.

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I remember when I saw this movie how I was thinking Damn, Dustin Hoffman still got it... he's such a great actor. But anyway, regarding the soundtrack yes it's a great song.

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I felt in love with the story. Hope you post more of these.


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